Ditty Bag Items

“Ditty Bag” Possibilities

Use Your Own Artwork or Let Us Create A Design for You!!
All items below are customized with your artwork!

Ditty Bag for all the “stuff” – $9 each
2″ X 3″ Magnets – $5 each
7.75″ X 9.25″ Mouse Pads – $12 each
3.75″ Square Individual Coasters – $6 each
Coaster Sets (4 coasters and mahogany stand) – $24
11.25″ X 15.5″ Glass Cutting Board – $39 each
6″ X 12″ Aluminum License Plate – $12 each
Koozies – $5 each



We can make a magnet for your ditty bag. They are 3″ long and
2″ high. Using your logo, and sponsors, to give out to the anglers.

Mouse Pads

Mouse Pads are always a hit. These premium Mouse Pads are 7.75″ high x 9.25″ wide. Can be made using your tournament logo, adding any sponsors, and become a keepsake of all your participants.

License Plate

We can customize a license plate for your touranment! We can use your artwork or create one from scratch!


Can be a set or individual, all the same or different images. Approx size of coasters is 3. 75″ square. These coasters or coaster sets are great to give to sponsors also!!  If you use the set, you can even use these as trophies for certain divisions. We can put the same image on each coaster or put a different image on each one in the set.
All Coasters come with cork bottoms so they will not slide on a table.

Cutting Board

Our Premium Glass Cutting Board
This cutting board is tempered glass. Can be used as a hot plate or a
cutting board. Has rubber feet so it will not slide on the counter. Image is on the back so it will not be damaged when cutting. Comes in its own cardboard box. Dishwasher safe, but hand washing is recommended for longer image life.
Approx. size 11.25″ x 15.5″ overall

Ditty Bag

Put all your tournament “STUFF” 
in this useful and attractive bag
with your artwork and sponsors!! They are 15″  wide by 16″ high.  Big enough for all the loot!


These attractive Koozies can be 
made with your artwork or we can 
create something just for you!  Artwork is on both sides of the koozie.  Fits all standard size cans or bottles.

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